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Although I [Rubi Z] didn't personally graduate from college, I've always believed in EDUCATION. I value it and think it's essential for growing a business.
Our team understands that we are all wired differently, so we aim to teach in a way that covers all the learning styles; by creating workshops that allow you to visualize, hear the information, and adapt it into action. Workshops have been one of the most impacting forms of my growth in my career, and it is why we are so proud to offer them to business owners eager to grow their knowledge and skill in creative branding/marketing strategies.

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master phone photography: master your content

  • Creating a Visual List [building content around your services/business]

  • Master Phone Photography [settings, angles, artistic approaches]

  • Content Training [A hands-on experience to develop your content for a month]

  • Content Planning [learn the rhythm of planning your content for a month in advance]

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an educational experience for creating content on the go.


mimi sargent

I attended the Master Phone Photography: Master Your Content workshop and it was very eye opening. As a hairstylist, I am every department of my business and that includes the branding and marketing department. I have taken so many social media courses so I was familiar with alot of the concepts that were covered during the workshop, but none of those other courses brought me so much clarity. I now understand how to create content that showcases my personality, tells my story in a way that relates to the work that i do, and is aesthetically pleasing. Which is what i was trying to figure out for YEARS before this workshop. The team at Charizma Co is so wonderful. They are so helpful, encouraging and you can tell they truly love the work they do. I highly recommend this workshop to all business owners struggling with their content. You will leave feeling inspired, creative, energetic and excited to tell your story!

irene clancy

I cannot say enough about this workshop, Rubi and her team. Everything was so well thought out and planned. I loved how we not only learned about the process and the strategy behind it, but we were given the opportunity to implement it for ourselves and even more importantly, learn how to duplicate it month after month. That to me, is what really set this workshop apart..they weren’t trying to upsell us a package but instead made sure we had the tools necessary to do it on our own. The team at Charizma Co. went to great lengths to curate an amazing experience and it showed! Not only would I 100% recommend this workshop, but I myself, would definitely attend again.





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