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For a lot of business owners, growing their company is often more important than honing their brand identity.

That’s because once they have decided on a brand image that presents who they are and what they do well enough, they believe that no more attention needs to be given to
developing and maintaining it.

While it’s always a good idea to focus on the other business aspects
such as operating systems, payroll, scheduling, and the like…there is an essential characteristic about your brand identity that’s worth presenting.

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expert brand specialists using
visual arts to COMPEL your audience and PROPEL YOUR BUSINESS.


branding is about developing connections

through valuable enGAGING content

the value of developing connections

You see, you already know your business in and out and are working hard to keep it functioning at optimum levels. Your clients, on the other hand, aren’t concerned with the logistics of what makes your business run.

All they care about is making a transaction and deciding whether or not you/your business is the right fit for them. The more consistent you are with your brand image, voice, and overall presentation – the more clients can identify whether or not you are fit for them.

Lets face it, we know that time is of the essence.  We understand that you are running an operation and you still have a life to live.  It's hard to figure all of this out and let alone have the time to execute it with excellence.  And because we understand...we exist.

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That season in our business and what Charizma Co did for Blazeny can not be overstated. It was a launching point for all of us I think, a time of great collaboration, the beginning of a friendship filled with admiration and mutual respect. It was an exercise in stretching our self imposed boundaries and exploring our talents.

Charizma was instrumental in helping us define who we are as a business and allowed us to identify our roles in the business as we sought to understand what it meant to be a mother, daughter team.

Rubi has a fire rarely seen, for what she does, and for the clients she serves. She has dedicated herself to pursuing excellence and passes it on in the photos she takes and the time she spends in helping others to reimagine their brands and take their own business to new heights.

I promise it will be an unexpected emotional journey. She will have you truly exploring why you are pursuing your passions and you will most likely discover passions and talents you didn’t even know were there.

Blazeny can not recommend RubiZ and Charizma strongly enough. 


”Photoshoots have been something that I’ve always used in my business. The past 6 years, my team gets together and once a year, we get ready, we take our “salon family photos”, and go home. Honestly, it can be draining and awkward. It takes me months to prepare, gather each person's style idea, get the whole day ready, plan for, location, etc. But, Rubi.

Rubi was one of the best decisions I made in 2020. Through the chaotic year, I was able to snag her for our team Photoshoot. She was so approachable, helpful, and considerate. She took ALL the stress off my shoulders and took charge of the entire process and day! From getting to know my team, our vibe, the look I was going for, the location, the flow of the day. Her team did amazing too!

This was the first time in my career I truly had a great and fun day during a shoot. She kept us involved, intrigued, excited! Then the collection came. The pictures are mesmerizing and captivating. Everyone looked amazing, comfortable, natural! I now have months of beautiful content for my business. For all my team. I’m creating flyers, videos, social media posts, using the photos for my websites, and I have multiple business accounts I need all the content for. She outdid herself. She has given me motivation and pride once again in my business, myself, and what is to come. Thank you Rubi! Let’s start planning 2021.”

Corina -House of Beauty/Salon/Spa/Suite

"I have worked directly with photographers for over 13 years now, so I have seen and experienced so many different sessions. I can say, I have never come across a photographer quite like Rubi.

Rubi is more than a photographer. She goes deeper. She approaches the journey as if it were her own. I had my eye on Rubi for my own branding session for quite some time. The moment I booked her, I felt like I was her only client. She devoted so much time to the preparation of my session. She wanted to know the depths of me so that my images would reflect my message as accurately as possible.

To this day, I still wonder how she made me feel so taken care of - as if I was her only client in that season. I can’t thank her enough for pushing me to go deeper, spending so many hours on every little detail and bringing my brand and message to life so beautifully." 

Leslie Vega of Leslie Vega Design

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